Under Armour’s Opportunities for Baltimore Students

This school year, Under Armour collaborated with the Ravens, the Fund for Educational Excellence and the InSideOut Initiative to provide uniforms and footwear to 5,300 student athletes and coaches in Baltimore City public schools. The InsideOut Initiative is a nonprofit organization that offers improvement for athletic directors and coaches. The Fund for Educational Excellence is a nonprofit organization that works to improve Baltimore City schools. Under Armour is a Baltimore based company that sells athletic and sportswear. The company also offers paid internships, which are great opportunities for Baltimore City students who plan on going to college.

City students who are interested in majoring in the likes of business, design, arts, engineering and technology will receive a quality experience in Under Armour’s 12-week internship by learning about the company and gaining inside knowledge on how to run a major business. The Summer League program gives students access to executive speakers and mentors who can properly guide and provide connections and network opportunities for young business aspiring students. While filling out the application, the student can also create a personal file that helps them choose a position that best fits their interests. The program’s requirements are not limited to fit a specific demographic but is open to a wide variety of students.

Even if you are not an aspiring business, design, or engineering major, you can still highly benefit from this internship as a student. The program will introduce you to the professional world and will provide you with training that is crucial for developing ways to conduct yourself and network for opportunities involving your major. For example, if you are a communications major, then this internship experience with Under Armour can potentially lead you to working for the company’s public relations campaign. As well as further elevate your career by leading you to work for bigger and higher paying companies. So, experience with a major company will be a good addition to you resume. Plus, since the company is based in Baltimore, then as a Baltimore city student, you have an advantage because the company has recently shown interest in city students by helping to improve Baltimore schools through the donation of their sportswear. Also, if you stay in Baltimore after graduating from high school and attend a local university such as Towson, Loyola, Morgan or Coppin State, then the location of the company is even more convenient.

Baltimore is abundant with many businesses such as Under Armour, Merritt Club, and places in the inner harbor that can provide jobs to many Baltimore students who are entering college. The inner harbor is the city’s most attractive tourist spot and major source of income. The downtown area is filled with immense job opportunities for local natives. So, with the collaboration of Programs such as YouthWorks who provides a paid summer job experience for Baltimore students between the ages of 14 and 21, local businesses can have the power to decrease the local unemployment rate and brighten the futures of Baltimore youth.