CollegeBound is pushing for college and career advisors in Baltimore City schools


As a Baltimore City student, I strongly advise you to apply for the CollegeBound Foundation’s Last Dollar Grant in your senior year of high school. It is due by June 1st and it has not only provided me with financial aid, but it has also connected me with opportunities.

On May 1, the CollegeBound Foundation proposed for the Baltimore City school system to incorporate college and career advisers in all City high schools. CollegeBound already provided 18 City schools with advisers and many students who are involved with the program succeed in achieving their goals. To bring this idea into fruition, the program requests $1.3 million annually and a four-year funding commitment. School board members will vote on May 8.

If school board members vote to bring this idea into fruition, then this will provide well needed direction and guidance into a lot of students’ lives. Although my high school was not one of the City schools in partnership with CollegeBound, I was still able to apply and get accepted into the program.

The program not only provided me with up to $3,000 per year in grants, but it has also connected me with internships and job opportunities such as the Global Pathways for Students Program from the World Trade Institute located in downtown Baltimore. It is an organization that provides training for college students from Baltimore City. It teaches students how to network and gain professional experience as well as business relationships. It is a summer program that starts in late May and ends in August. On Tuesday I was informed that I was accepted into the program and I wouldn’t have gained or even have heard of this opportunity if it wasn’t for CollegeBound.

When you become a CollegeBound scholar and you receive internship and job opportunities, do not wait until the last minute to apply for these internships and jobs. If you need help with your resume and/or cover letter, then visit the career center in your university. When you are accepted into a program like Global Pathways, make sure that you are always on time, and dress business professional. During the internship, remember two things; it is not what you know, it’s who you know, and always make yourself memorable. Sometimes education isn’t enough. What can differentiate you from the person next to you who also has a degree is your experience, uniqueness, and connections.

While enduring a networking opportunity like Global Pathways, it is important that you build professional relationships by always asking questions, being engaging, charming, and showing your interest. The questions could be about their backgrounds, how they established their careers, and/or any professional advice. Networking leads to obtaining connections, which leads to possibly securing job positions and elevating your career.

Other opportunities that CollegeBound has linked me to was an internship for Under Armour, which is where City Students can gain both professional and business experience. They also linked me to The Greater Baltimore Urban League that contains an eight-week program which offers Summer Associate positions, and if you are hired for the job, then you’ll receive a stipen for $2,300, and an educational award for $1,252. This organization also offers a one-year Evaluation Assistant position that pays $15 an hour.

In summation, as a Baltimore City student who plans on going to college, you should definitely apply for CollegeBound to gain access to opportunities.